Checking Where Jailbreak Tweaks Are Installed [TUTORIAL]

Checking Cydia Files

Do you know what files a specific jailbreak tweak places on your device? Have your bought about it before? Are you aware where the files are stored?

There is a way to check and found out answer to these questions. If you thought about these things before, you could always fire up iFile or use an FTP utility to go digging around in your file system. Another thing you could do was heading to Cydia and utilize a provision that is available for every package you have installed on your device.

This video shows how you can check where your Jailbreak tweaks are installed:

Now we explain you a small procedure:

STEP 1 – If you open any Cydia page for an app or tweak that is currently installed on your device, you will notice an “Installed Package” section.

STEP 2 – Under “Installed Package” is a version number of the tweak or app. You can also see a “Filesystem Content” section. If you tap on “Filesystem Content”, you will see a page that shows a breakdown of everything installed by the app or tweak in question.

Now you can easily troubleshoot and customize your favorite jailbreak tweaks.

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Source: iDownload Blog

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