China Approves Sale Of Apple 3G Device

China New iPad

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Has reported that China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center has approved license for the sale of an unnamed 3G device from Apple.

The device is compatible with China Unicom and is listed as model A1430. This model number is used by Apple for the new iPad. There are speculations that that the unnamed device is the third-generation New iPad.

Though it is on sale in many countries worldwide, the New iPad is not yet available in China. This delayed launch is likely the result of an ongoing legal dispute with Proview over the iPad name where the lies spoken by Proview have the backing of corrupt and jingoistic judiciary as well as Chinese Government.

Apple has not publicly commented on a Chinese iPad launch. A China Unicom spokeswoman declined to comment when approached by the WSJ.

Source: TUAW

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