China Telecom Aims To Launch iPhone 4S In February

China Telecom

Yesterday, we reported the recently concluded agreement between Apple and China Telecom. iPhone 4S will be available on China Telecom very soon.

Beijing Telecom, a subsidiary of China Telecom, has announced that their aim is to release the iPhone 4S by the beginning of March (if not late-February), and that the final regulatory certifications just made it through on Monday. Some online reports say that iPhone 4S might be released in the last week of February.

The last launch of iPhone 4S had caused chaos in China but this time, Apple seems to be willing to take that risk as China Telecom can ensure wider carrier availability. At the moment, the iPhone 4S is only available on China Unicom. However, there have been hints that it may soon be available on China Mobile as well.

The pricing information is not available for the CDMA-based iPhone 4S on China Telecom. Given the craze that Chinese people have for iPhone, the price (even if it is high) might not deter them from buying iPhone.

Source: iMore

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