China to get iPhone4 early next month





Just weeks after beginning sales of a WiFi-enabled iPhone 3GS in the Chinese market, Apple is now all set to launch iPhone4 as early as next month in china with carrier partner China Unicom.

 A Report by MarketWatch, said a China Unicom source acknowledged that iPhone 4 will ship in the world’s largest market shortly, followed by the Chinese release of iPad.                                          



However the two products won’t be launched at the same time, and no timeframe was given for the iPad launch. The sale of WiFi enabled iPhone 3GS by China Unicom just started earlier this month, after the model was approved by Chinese regulators. China had earlier banned the sale of WiFi products in an effort to promote its own alternative WAPI wireless networking standard, but later abandoned it.

Apple’s chief operations officer Tim Cook reported that the company has experienced major growth in china, almost 144 percent in the recent quarter. Apple also revealed its plans of opening 25 stores in china, the 2nd store of which was opened this summer.


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