China Unicom In Talks To Extend Apple Partnership

China Unicom

In March, we reported how happy China Unicom was while partnering with Apple. Now it seems that the happiness would exist for a longer time as China Unicom is planning to extend partnership with Apple.

Now those people who were worried about Apple’s progress in China can rest easy. Quoting “better than expected results,” China Unicom is in talks with Apple to extend its current 3 year partnership.

The Chinese telco is the tenth largest carrier in the world, and was Apple’s first iPhone partner in mainland China back in 2009. It appears that the relationship has been equally good for both parties.

The NextWeb reported:

“China Unicom President Lu Yimin revealed that talks are ongoing, with a new deal expected to close soon as both sides are “extremely satisfied” with the success of their work together, Marbridge Consulting reports. Indeed, the operator heralded its partnership with Apple in March, saying it had “generated better-than-expected results.”

With just an estimated 12% of the smartphone market in China, the country is by far Apple’s biggest opportunity for growth. This is definitely a good sign that Apple is on the right track.

However, China Mobile, the country’s largest carrier, still eludes Apple. A T-Mobile—like technology conflict is said to be standing in the way of a deal that would give Apple access to more than 650 million mobile subscribers and thus, a bigger market for iPhone. But analysts are hoping this gets resolved by the time Apple unveils its new iPhone (nicknamed as iPhone 5 by rumor-mongers and Apple fanboys) this fall.

Source: iDownload Blog

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