Chinese consumer group wants Apple compensate phishing victims


A Chinese consumer group demands Apple provide a financial compensation where people lost money through a phishing attack recently. It accuses Cupertino Company shrinks responsibility with over the incident.


With a number of Chinese consumers have fraudulent purchases made Apple’s App Store after disabling Apple IDs hijacked. Many had Alipay or WeChat Pay accounts linked. Some users report lost up to 2,000 Yuan ($288), for such transactions. At this time, one notes clear on how login credentials obtained. This is because of Apple with a phishing attack on Apple ID owners. This does not have any two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled.

Phishing, a bad actor with a fake email purports from Apple and asks logging in their account. Thus the urgency where the fake invoices for expensive app subscription, asks to log in to cancel the transaction not made by them. Thus they logged in the fake website, where the attacker gets credentials. The issue is nothing done with Apple itself. This is with sensitivities where the company issued an apology. The company said ‘we are apologetic deeply where the inconvenience caused by our customers’ phishing scams’, affect a ‘small number’ of user accounts.


Reuters report China where Consumer Association thinks a company, which needs to do more. The China Consumer Association on a website where Apple should not shirk the responsibility and compensate consumers in full. “Apple thus should not shift the blame, play down own safety issues with the divert consumers’ attention,” – the association said.

Apple responds simply refer back to the original statement, saying it was reaching out to affected customers, with strongly advising all Apple ID owners to enable 2FA. Thus from Apple’s end, some Chinese customers fraudulently claim that they were victims of the phishing attack.

The U.S. Company hence make and sell a number of products in China, which adds the issue led to a rise in “false and fraudulent refund claims trying which takes advantage of this incident.” Thus with the phishing incident once follow a media furore, it seems-false allegations of Chinese spy where chips found in Apple servers.