Another Chinese Court Bans iPad

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At the moment, situations are not at all favorable for Apple in China as far as its legal battle with Proview is concerned. Both parties are claiming ownership to “iPad” name.

Eyeing Apple’s money, Proview claimed Apple is infringing on their trademark of the word ‘iPad’ despite selling rights to Apple. Apple has said that there has already been a settlement over the trademark. However, many China courts are banning the iPad throughout China.

The Associated Press reports that another local China court in Huizhou has banned the iPad:

Xie Xianghui, a lawyer for Shenzhen Proview Technology, said the Intermediate People’s Court in Huizhou, a city in southern China’s Guangdong province, had ruled on Friday that distributors should stop selling iPads in China. The ruling, which was also reported widely in China’s state media, may not have a far-reaching effect. In its battle with Apple, Proview is utilizing lawsuits in several places and also requesting commercial authorities in 40 cities to block iPad sales.

Huizhou, is located in southern China’s Guangdong province. Many Chinese cities including Huizhou have banned Apple’s tablet. Proview aim is to get the iPad from more than 40 cities, despite custom officials telling it that due to the popularity of iPad, it would be difficult to ban iPad in China.

Apple is continuing fight against these rulings, appealing every ruling that harms their interest. Apple purchased the rights to use iPad name for $55,000 in 2009.

In an interesting move, Apple requested Amazon China to remove the iPad from their online store a few weeks ago. It is not clear what were the motives of Apple.

The only consolation for Apple is that so far, there has been no ruling, banning iPad in the Mainland China.  

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