Chinese Customs Officials Say Banning iPad Difficult

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With the legal trouble for Apple over using iPad name in China, Proview Technology (falsely claiming to be the owners of iPad trademark despite selling it to Apple in 2009) want a complete ban on Apple’s tablet in China. However, given the popularity of iPad, it many not be easy.

According to reports from Reuters, it would be tough for Proview Technology to block Apple iPad exports from China. Proview wants to block on both Chinese imports and exports of the iPad over a trademark dispute with Apple. As Apple manufactures iPad in China, such a move would be “catastrophic” for Apple.

However, China’s customs authorities told Proview that banning iPad would be difficult as Apple products are very popular in China:

“The customs have told us that it will be difficult to implement a ban because many Chinese consumers love Apple products. The sheer size of the market is very big,” Yang Long-san, chief of Proview Technology (Shenzhen), told Reuters in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

Chinese company Foxconn manufacturers many of Apple’s products including the iPad, and a ban on exports would negatively impact Foxconn as well.

Apple has claimed that it purchased the Chinese rights to the trademark several years ago, but the original owner Proview and the biased Chinese courts refuted the claims and documentary evidence supporting claims. Apple’s case is still pending with Chinese courts as it has appealed against earlier rulings. Eyeing, dollars, Proview has asked Apple to pay US $ 1.5 billion to pay for damages.

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