Chinese Lined up for iPhone Launch

iphone-chinaThe iPhone has been officially launched in China yesterday. A few hundred people were waiting to get their hands on the iPhone, says Fortune. The first official iPhone was given to a person in Bejing at half past 6 in the evening local time.

China Unicom announced they will offer an subscription to people with a jailbroken iPhone. They will then be able to use the same services as people with a legal iPhone. Apparently there are 1,5 million iPhones in use in China.

But it will not be the best deal to make. You’ll think twice before buying an iPhone in China. China Unicom is going to place a price tag of $730 on the 8GB iPhone 3G without Wi-Fi. The 32GB iPhone 3GS will cost a thousand dollars. When you want an iPhone the illegal way, you only have to pay $430 for the 8GB iPhone 3G and $732 for the iPhone 3GS and both have Wi-Fi. On the other hand, people who buy via the official way will get a better service and that seems to be main reason for most of the Chinese people buying an iPhone.

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