Chinese Parents Consider iPad A Nuisance


A news-report published in Beijing Evening News, earlier this week suggested that Chinese parents are upset with their kids’ fascination for iPads. Perhaps, this year, many kids received iPads as gifts on Chinese new year.

Now those youngsters cannot separate themselves from their beloved iPads. Exasperated parents are wondering what to do when children refuse to hand over the iPad. Parents are worried that the iPad use may impede their children’s education.

Today children love to play games on iPads. Some carry iPads to bed and play games under the covers.

Parents can encourage children to use learning apps and regulate their use of iPad by putting disabling Wi-Fi and set up a password. With apps like iBooks, children can learn educative things that would help them scoring good grades in exams.

Are you a parent whose children are fascinated with iPad? Share your thoughts about this.

Source: TUAW

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