Chinese Police Confiscate Fake Apple Branded Stove-Tops

Stope top with fake Apple logo

There is no dearth of piracy. People watch pirated DVDs and play games through pirated CDs.

Today fake Apple products can be seen everywhere. Recently Apple had to clean up the app store to remove fake apps.

However, now it would surprise you that the name of Apple is being used in counterfeit products that Apple does not manufacture. This is happening in China, the Capital of fake and cheap products.

In China, you should not be surprised if you see Apple logo on a stove-top with “iPhone” written over it.

Police has raided shutdown copycat Apple Stores in China.

An elegant green apple color scheme rounds out atrocious excuse of a gas stove. State police at Wuhan seized two warehouse of the Apple-branded stoves after discovering they were in fact not real Apple products.

Altogether, there were 681 gas stoves. These stoves did not even come with protection against flame-outs. All of them were seized. Perhaps the “Apple China Limited” compliance label attached to each box was convincing enough.

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