Apple’s Chinese Suppliers Including Foxconn Still Mistreat Workers?

Foxconn employees

After a four-month investigation of 10 of Apple’s Chinese suppliers, China Labor Watch (CLW) has concluded that working conditions in many of the factories of Apple’s component manufacturers are “deplorable”.

These factories allegedly contain hazardous working conditions and excessive overtime.

According to the New York based company, there are long work hours and low pay, almost all supply chains, and not limited to a single supplier. Overall, 620 workers were surveyed, along with tours of various factories taken by a group of six people.

The continual push for better working conditions has prompted both Apple and Foxconn to take extra measures to increase on the job safety and working environment quality. The labor group said that many of the Chinese employees worked in excess of 100 hours of overtime per month, even though the legal Chinese limit is 36.

Another interesting statistic found by CLW, is that 70% of workers assembling these products do not own any Apple device, but many said they would like to have at least one.

It is important to note that these working conditions are not unique to Apple only, though. Many other US companies also have suppliers based in China who offer the same working conditions towards their employees. Apple often gets knocked for their working conditions because it is a big name in the technology industry. The reality is that many other companies receive components from even the same plants as Apple.

Regardless, investigations like these, though sometimes over dramatized by the media, are slowly helping working conditions change for the better in China.

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