Christmas catalog for iPad: Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is distributing its legendary Christmas wish book via the iPad.

Since 1926, this luxury retail chain Neiman Marcus has been sending out their lavish Christmas catalogs to their best customers and obviously people who have more money than sense. Well, the catalogs will surely attracts customers but this Christmas as so many products are launching and maybe they won’t have to think twice before going for the products. Recession can be other spoilsports for the customers.

The Neiman’s 2010 catalog was unveiled this week, and comes with its own iPad app. The app lets customers browse and buy right on your touchscreen. You know you have someone on your Christmas list who’ll be thrilled to get that MetroShip houseboat for $250,000, provided you win the lottery by then.

For now at least the app is free at the App Store. As Christmas nearing, who knows it might not be so, better get the app now.


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