Chrome Accounts For 10.3% Of Third-Party Browsers On iOS

iOS Google Chrome usage percentage

Google released its widely popular Chrome browser to iOS last month. It took less than 24 hours for the app to reach the Number 1 spot in the App Store’s list of top free offerings.

Now nearly a month later, and the initial buzz has warn off. Some people are still using chrome. A new report from online advertising firm Chitika is giving some new insight.

Based on “hundreds of millions” of impressions on the company’s ad network, Chitika said that Safari accounted for 85.6% of iOS browser usage. In addition, “other” third-party clients account for 13%. And Chrome 1.5%.

But the big number for Google here is third-party browser marketshare. Safari, as the pre-installed default, was obviously going to be the winner in overall iOS browser activity. However, Chrome has garnered a little over 10% (10.3% to be exact) of the third-party client market, in less than a month.

Obviously, while Chitika’s ad network is quite extensive, it does not cover the entire web. So as such, this report does not reflect all usage. However, it does provide a large sample.

It will be interesting to see if Chrome continues its steady climb, despite the fact that Apple’s restrictions prevent it from being made the default browser in iOS (unless your device is jailbroken).

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Source: iDownload Blog

Image Source: Chitika

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