Here Are Chuck Norris Facts For Siri

Chuck Norris Siri

When Chuck Norris was a school-going kid, teachers used to bunk classes.

Did you like this Chuck Norris Fact? Siri will share more such facts with you.

If you love Chuck Norris fan and Chuck Norris Facts, here is something interesting for you.

If you have Siri in any iOS Device you own, you may enjoy this new AssistantExtensions add-on, which will give Siri the ability to share random facts (or jokes) about Chuck Norris every time you say his name. The add-on is called Chuck Norris Facts for ChatBot/Siri by iOS developer iPodHacks142. This add-on is currently available for free in the Cydia store.

The functioning of Chuck Norris Facts for Siri is same as iJokes for Siri, by using AssistantExtensions’ framework for allowing Siri to provide an arbitrary conversation outside of Apple’s control. The chatty Siri is enabled by saying, “Let’s chat” after you have installed AssistantExtensions. After you have enabled chatty Siri, you can say, “Chuck Norris” and a random, humorous (and obviously fictional) fact about Chuck Norris will appear on your screen.

The developer states from the Cydia description that he will be adding more random Chuck Norris facts in the future with an update for the add-on. For now, there is a great number of facts to share a laugh about and keep you busy for a while.

The add-on was created with entertainment value in mind. It will not slow Siri down if you install it. However, loading up the chatty Siri interface can take about a minute or so, which is normal. Chuck Norris Facts for Siri works with Spire as well as the iPhone 4S and has no options to configure. After you install it, you can start playing with it immediately.

Name: Chuck Norris Facts for ChatBot/Siri
Price: FREE
Version: 1.0.1
Requirements: iOS 5, Siri/Spire
Repo: BigBoss
Developer: iPodHacks142
Editor’s Rating: 3.5/5

So get ready to see all the super-powers that Chuck Norris has.

Source: Modmyi

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