Clean Your Address Book Easily With Contacts Duster PRO [REVIEW]

Contacts Duster PRO

Many times you get too many email addresses in your address book and some of them are of unknown people or people who sent you spam and junk mail. You receive a mail and the email address of the person who sent it to you gets added in your address book. Often you also get duplicate names, email addresses, or phone numbers in your iPhone contacts? Too much clutter can irritate you and blow your mind in a negative way.

Contacts Duster PRO

You need a simple way to view, merge and purge multiple entries. That is why, Contacts Duster PRO is here. This is the app you need because it is simple, intuitive and user-friendly. Contacts Duster is a universal easy, convenient contacts management tool. It has been designed for both iPhone as well as iPad.

This app thoroughly analyzes your contacts and presents a full report in both list form and graph form. Just have a quick glance and you will see exactly how many contacts you have and how many duplicate contacts and zombie contacts are contained within. With the simple touch of a button you can merge and purge duplicate contacts in your address book.

Contacts Duster PRO

This app has been created by LLC. This entity was founded in Jan 2011 by Dr. Muhieddine EL Kaissi, who has ventured in iOS app development since october  2008.  The website says that Kaissi uses the simplicity and power of the iOS SDK to put his ideas into action. With 4+ years in native iOS apps development, LLC does anything from design, implementation, backend services, web design and development as well as hosting. They welcome ideas from their website visitors.

Contacts Duster is the FIRST EVER mobile app that would present your contacts in visual graph form.

You would need to use Contacts Duster when you are switching between carriers or upgrading to a new iPhone.

Contacts Duster PRO

Following are the important features of Contact Duster PRO:

1. You can use Contact Duster PRO after importing contacts from Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc. You can also import contacts from social networking websites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

2. Contacts Duster PRO would help you if you have hundreds or even thousands of contacts and it is not possible for you to manually organize them and check for duplicates. You can detect and Merge duplicates.

3. Contact Duster PRO makes it convenient for you to use multiple iOS devices.

4. Contact Duster PRO is helpful in the syncing of your devices using iCloud and have automatically made duplicate profiles for each contact. This app can also sync your contacts. You can organize your contacts into groups and remove “Suggested Contacts” duplicates introduced by Outlook 2010. Merging, adding and deleting groups is easy with this app. It is easier than ever to find duplicates like two identical phone numbers under different label, in the same contact. You can also Batch Share or Batch Delete contacts. You can also export your iOS address book for backup purpose.

5. Editing contact information within the app is possible and easy.

6. You can detect, view and clean groups.

7. This app will save all changes within your iPhone address book.

8. In-app backup/restore functionality is available.

9. You can visualize your address book partition using the circle graph.

In the end, Contacts Duster PRO will clean you address book more efficiently.

In the new version 1.5 of this app, retina graphics have been added for the new iPad. Duplication detection has been optimized and application stability has been improved.

Contacts Duster PRO is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining Contacts Duster PRO from the app store via gift card and the app has been used on an iPad 2.

So now it must be easy for you to get rid of the clutter and find contacts in your address book. Did you find this app helpful? Post your comments.

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