Collect Artistic Stamps With Stamp Art Fever PRO [REVIEW]

Stamp Art Fever PRO

Many people love to collect stamps. They love different kinds of stamps, whether they are local, national, international or maybe global.

If stamp-collection is your hobby, you can play a game about stamp collection and this game would bring you the fever of excitement and craze about stamps collection. This game will also suit your taste if you have a passion for art.

In this game called Stamp Art Fever PRO, collecting of stamps goes virtual. This is the first game of its kind as has the intriguing combination of social gaming and stamp collecting. You can connect with friends to swap stamps and compete in collector challenges, accomplish the ultimate goal and acquire a complete collection.

Stamp Art Fever PRO

In Stamp Art Fever PRO there are twenty levels. You are an art-stamp collector who builds his virtual stamp collection by continuously searching, buying, trading, and bidding on any of over 400 beautiful stamps in 20 levels. Every stamp is artistic as it has been created by professional illustrators and artists and all stamps have been created exclusively for this game.

If you enjoy collecting stamps or if you are a simple amateur of arts, Stamp Art Fever is a must-have game for you. This game has elegant graphics, beautiful stamps with realistic art design and melodious background music will take you into a different world. In The Dark Knight, Scarecrow said that his drug will take users, many places. He did not mention that it would be places that users would want to go.

But we are confident that this game is awesome and it will certainly take you to a different world that you would want to go.

If you are looking for some special stamps, you can find them in following ways:

1. You can visit the Philately and make your purchases.

2. You can sell to shop your duplicates to get coins for new stamps.

3. You can search your missing copy in the Black Market.

4. You can connect with other players all over the world and propose exchange. You must sign int Game Center for this.

In the new version 16.0.0, there are some new features, new stamps and more. Message board has been improved and the character limit has been raised from 200 to 400. Public Auction has been removed. This feature was there earlier and you could participate in auctions to bid for stamps.

Stamp Art Fever PRO is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

This game supports English and Italian languages. Sometimes, it features mild profanity, violence and some mature or suggestive themes. Thus, user discretion is being recommended for this game.

This review has been written after obtaining Stamp Art Fever PRO from the app store and game has been played on an iPod.

So how many stamps have you collected? Tell us whether you enjoyed this game or not.

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