A combination of software to mimic Siri Functionality

Siri iPhone 4S

Eric Day, who had invented the new application Siri0us has pulled it from Cydia, probably due to issues related to copyright.

Some people think that Siri0us can do everything that Siri can. However, this is not true.

Siri0us is a combination of softwares. Though it uses official iPhone 4S GUI, it uses Nuance to recognize your voice and put in text format on the screen of iPhone 4S.

Ever since Siri0us has been released, the servers of if0rce have been crashing on and off. There is a theory that this is happening due to a large number of people are trying to download it. Siri0us is only dictation. It cannot talk to you the way Siri can.

Following video can tell you about the limitations of Siri0us.

Source: Modmyi

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  1. I had my 4.0 upgraded by Apple because I had a bad phone. I had it, loved it, needed it very badly. In August they took it out, the first
    time I had to reset my phone for dropping calls
    and still does. I don’t think they can give me
    something to appease me and then take it away. Verizon had told me what happened and you have never heard lies like I was told
    by upper management. I am not finished with them, but can’t fight city hall! I am going to give it a shot,however. Letters to editor in all
    Major newspapers for starters. Tell me if I am
    expecting too much. I really have a need to use it.

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