Comixology Brings HD Comics On New iPad


Digital comics are about to get a whole lot better. High Definition (HD) Comics are here, courtesy Comixology, publishers of the most popular comics-reading app on iOS.

Comixlogy is about to roll out a new version that enables high-resolution graphics just for the Retina display found on the new iPad.

The current version of the Comics app looks pretty good on the new iPad, since it can take advantage of resolution that previously was only revealed when you zoomed in on a page. But the new version, which has been submitted to Apple and should be released soon, is awesome.

In the third-generation iPad, Comixology refers to comic book files as “CMX-HD” format and resolution as well as picture quality are spectacular. Now colors will be crisp and bright on the new Retina display and text will be razor-sharp and fine lines are visible as straight lines rather than pixelated blurs.

Retina Display

Comixology CEO David Steinberger said that CMX-HD files can only downloaded if you are using the New iPad. They are between two and three times the file size of regular issues. Comixology hopes to get the file sizes down further, but “image quality is of first importance,” Steinberger said.

Comixology is trying to upgrade its entire catalog of comics to CMX-HD format as quickly as possible. Older comics will be upgraded in the next several months. If you own a comic that gets upgraded to CMX-HD format, you will be prompted to re-download the comic in the higher-quality format. There is neither any upgrade fee, nor do HD-capable comics cost more than other comics. Steinberger estimated that 90 percent of the existing material in the Comixology library will eventually be upgraded to CMX-HD, while “nearly 100 percent” of new releases will be available in the high-resolution format.

Source: Mac World

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