Compose All Your Concepts, Ideas And Designs With SketchStorm [REVIEW]

SketchStorm App Review

Centuries ago, an Apple fall on the head of Isaac Newton and Newton discovered the concept of gravity. Hitler came up with the concept of Nazism and while in jail, he spoke his concepts that a man would not down on paper. Today, the book carrying the descriptions of all philosophies and concept in the mind of Hitler is known as Mein Kamf.

A tragic incident in the life of John O’Barr made him come up with the concept of a comic book super-hero called The Crow.


Whether you are an artist, or an entrepreneur, or an advertiser or even a visionary, you come up with innovative concepts and ideas, in order to promote, market, advertise and sell your product. Just imagine how easy things would become for you if you have an app to not only design and refine the rough idea of your concept that has come in your mind, but also to retain it in your iPad.

Sometimes all you need to come up with a new concept or idea is just one little Inspirational quote or image. A new app called SketchStorm helps you get your idea OUT before you start drawing your big picture.

Sometimes, you try your best but fail to give your best to the idea that you have in your mind because your mind is entangled with too many brushes, filters, textures etc. Those things are only cool when the most interesting idea is fostered.


SketchStorm is a brainstorming app. It has visualization tools for facilitating and composing conceptual ideas, informative graphics, sketches, architecture design, urban planning, interior design, and where ever your imaginative mind can come up with.

This app customizes in User Interfaces (UIs) and Global Positioning System (GPS) mechanisms that would allow you to effectively browse, and understand complex information even better.

SketchStorm can be very helpful to you in following things:

1. This app opens instantly.

2. SketchStorm helps you in expressing concept ideas quickly.

3. A unique Retro Designer Color Palette is available in this app that would help draw and color the pictures that you are imagining. If you draw comics, this feature can be helpful when you draw illustrations for the pages of your comics.

4. You can take a screenshot of your scene or portrait target by using the instant camera function.

5. With SketchStorm it is possible to manipulate images from your photo album to quickly create variations.

6. Map or GPS on the sidebar can be directly mark down where you get inspired with something or about something.

7. There are unlimited “Undo” and all actions you do will remain in the memory of app so that you can Undo as many action of yours as you wish.

8. By using SketchStorm, you can export your drawings and illustrations to screen in the form of JPG image file or Export to PDF file.

9. With this app, you can easily share your designs on Facebook.

Now that the important features of SketchStorm have been described, it becomes clear that this app is helpful to entrepreneurs, architects, visual artists, graphic designers, and people who have hobby of painting and drawing pictures.

SketchStorm is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining SketchStorm from the app store via gift card and the app has been used on an iPad.

So what are you going to conceptualize, design or draw by using SketchStorm.

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