Congressman accuse iPad for unemployment. What you think?

Glad to heard that some Politician is also keen in working performance of great tablets like iPad. But one person seems to lack in economics.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) stated that the iPad “was probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs.”

Jackson said, “Why do you need to go to Borders anymore? Why do you need to go to Barnes and Noble? Just buy an iPad and download your book, download your newspaper, download your magazine.”

Not only that, Congressman also found fault with Chicago State University’s plan to replace textbooks with
iPads to achieve a textbookless campus within four years

“What becomes of publishing companies and publishing company jobs. What becomes of bookstores and librarians and all of the jobs associated with paper? Well, in the not-too-distant future, such jobs simply won’t exist.”

To make the matter worst, Jackson blast Apple for producing iPads are being produced outside the U.S.

“The iPad is produced in China. It’s not produced here in the United States. […] There is no protection for jobs here in America to ensure that the American people are being put to work.”

There is some truth in Jackson allegation but there are so many people out there who has also benefited fro this wonderful tablet.


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