Contre Jour Game Review

Contre Jour iPad

Here is a new game where you control the actions of an Amoeba like creature called Petit. You have to make him move by using your fingertips and create bump or trough on the ground he stands on.

Sometimes you lift the ground, sometimes you lower it. The game also has some movable tentacles that help Petit jump and swing at high distance.

While playing this game, a player gets the feeling of playing a puzzle where one changes the shape of things. Petit has to collect some falling blue drops that glow like diamonds to score points. The three different worlds in this game prevent boredom and keep the excitement alive.

Created by Chillingo, if given to kids, this game can help them develop their planning skills as in some stages one needs to think and plan how to make Petit, jump, go up, come down or move forward.

The gameplay, the essence of this game is all about thinking and planning. The background music that goes on while playing this game is soothing to ears.

So what do you think about Contre Jour? Tell is in the comments section below. This game has been reviewed after being played on an iPad.

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