Cop Uses His iPhone To Trace iPhone Thief

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Find My iPhone can give sleepless nights to people who want to steal iPhone. Beware! Do not ever dare to steal an iPhone. You can be caught very easily.

A Police officer in New York used his own iPhone to catch a thief and retrieve a victim’s iPhone. A woman was robbed in a handbag store on the night of Thursday, 26 January 2012. A man walked into the store brandishing a black handgun and took woman’s iPhone.

After a fruitless canvass of the area, one officer, Robert Garland, tried another tack. Using the 24-year-old victim’s iTunes account information and the iCloud feature on his own phone, Mr. Garland was able to track the victim’s iPhone. Officers then followed the cyber-scent to the area near 49th Street and Eighth Avenue. As they searched the area, the suspect, who the police said had placed the phone in his boot, walked past the officers. The victim’s phone began to beep. And, soon, the suspect was placed under arrest.

There have been many other reported cases of iPhones being recovered in this way. However, if somebody tries to rob you off your iPhone, you do not need to get into trouble by arguing with the suspect and warning him that he would be caught. Please. leave it to the police, especially when sincere officers like Robert Garland are there to help you.

Source: iMore

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