CopyTrans TuneSwift: Transfer of iTunes Library made effortless

CopyTans is the maker of several tools which makes the tedious job of storage, transfer and recovery easy any handy. Some being, CopyTrans Swift, Photo, Cloner, Doctor.” Copy Trans Manger is all free. You can grab these extremely convenient Softwares if you regularly switch systems or in case got a new one.

For those who are changing PCs or switching to Mac but afraid of loosing your iTunes Library then CopyTrans Tune Swift is the perfect iTunes saver for you. It is the easiest and the safest way of switching from one system to the other without hampering the library. The backup and transfer becomes hassle free and one can easily take the complete iTunes library including iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. The recent changes made in the library can also be incorporated by using the incremental backup feature.

In a Nutshell TuneSwift makes life simple by:
• Transfering iTunes library to a new computer: PC to Mac, XP or Vista to Windows 7, 32 to 64 bit
• Backing up the entire iTunes library including music, videos, applications, books, purchases, playlists, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch backups and many more in a single archive
• Restoring iTunes library from any backup on PC or Mac
• Saving the latest changes of the iTunes library as an incremental backup
• Moving iTunes library from Windows to Mac
• Transfering iTunes library to an external hard drive or a new folder
• Exporting iTunes library including iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad backups

Transfers: iTunes from one system to the another
Transport easily the entire iTunes Library which includes music, videos, applications, books, podcasts, playlists etc

Backups: from all the devices
Back ups can be taken from all the three, iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. It saves the complete iTunes Library in a single backup archive and Updates the backup with the latest changes from the iTunes Library

Restore: iTunes library to PC or Mac conveniently anytime and anywhere
Simple and secure way to import the library from an external hard drive to a new PC. The library will be transferred identically like the original one.

The compatibility is very friendly with all versions above iTunes 7.0. and designed for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. At the moment, TuneSwift is available free for a limited period so if were thinking to grab one then it’s the perfect time to have it right away.

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