Corrupt App Store Binaries Cause Apps To Crash On Launch

App Store Crash

Recently, OS X and iOS users have witnessed some strange things while using apps. Apps are crashing.

App developers have come to conclusion that Apple accidentally seeded corrupt binaries of their apps after noticing that their apps are crashing on launch for a portion of users. It appears that the issue occurred for members in the US and UK. For the most part, but it is not clear what other areas were affected (if any).

Instapaper’s creator Marco Arment was one of the first to note this app crashes on his blog. He said that he was “deluged by support email and Twitter messages” from users who were unable to open the app after his most recent update went live in the App Store (version 4.2.3). The developer was a bit shocked as the version he had sent to Apple worked perfectly fine for him. It must have worked fine for Apple also because only then Apple would approve that update. After doing some research, Arment discovered that the problem was “a seemingly corrupt update being distributed by the App Store in some regions.”

Applications affected by the issue seem to crash immediately on launch without even showing the “Default.png” file. Some App Store users reported seeing error numbers 8324 and 8326 in iTunes. Mac users received notifications informing the user that the application was “damaged and can’t be opened.” Arment declared the issue to be a “serious problem”. He is hoping Apple fixes it sooner rather than later.

Instapaper was not the only app the issue was occurring for. Other apps that were updated between 3 July 2012 and 4 July 2012 are also experiencing similar problems, apps including GoodReader, Pair, and Angry Birds Space HD Free.

The developer behind GoodReader speculated that notifications of a new update might have gone out for its app before Apple’s internal encryption had finished. This would have caused the issue to occur in the first place. The publisher directed users experiencing the problem to either delete and reinstall the application. Or the users can follow a lengthy process that would redownload the app without deleting files and settings.

Hopefully Apple would resolve the issue soon so that consumers can go back to using their favorite apps.

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