Costco drips iPods over iPad rejection

Attention for all the customers planning to acquire Apple products in their local Costco stores soon, there is disappointing news that the company has a grouse with the tech leader over the iPad and will no longer retail iPods.

The iPad gained distribution in several major retailers this week, but one giant chain may be dropping all Apple products. Now members-only warehouse club chain Costco will no longer carry iPods after exhausting its current stock as reported by iLounge.

It seems the chain is reportedly annoyed because it has been passed over while rival retailers will be stocking the iPad in time for the lucrative holiday shopping season. Within the last couple of weeks, Target, Walmart and Sam’s Club have been added to the list of retailers selling iPads, while Best Buy has expanded their distribution of the device into all their stores

Now, Costco has already removed the iPod from its website.


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