Crowd And Violence Accompany The Release Of iPhone 4S In China

iPhone 4S Released in China

Whenever any gadget of Apple was launched, there was always a huge crowd outside stores and some degree of chaos was always there. However, in China, situation went out of control.

As reported earlier, on the night of 12 January 2012 when the 13 January was just hours away, iPhone 4S sales started in China, only to be stopped to curb violence that unruly customers caused.

There are reports of fights breaking out between competing gangs of scalpers in the country, each hoping to get their hands on large quantities of the latest smartphone from Apple. The conflicts were bound to attract the attention of Chinese police. Police reached the spot to curb violence and SWAT commandos had to be called as a backup.

Apple Store in Beijing locked its doors in attempt to make the crowds leave. So far the details of casualties and causes of violence have not been given to media. Following video gives a glimpse of chaos and violence that the craze for iPhone 4S caused in China.

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Source: Engadget

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