Creating Custom Siri Audio Introductions [TUTORIAL]

Siri iPhone 4S

Some people may find the “beep” sound while invoking Siri irritating.

You maybe imaginative. You might be wishing to create a custom sound that would be heard when you invoke Siri.

Are you waiting for a jailbreak app that would enable you to do that? That app may come someday. But why wait? You have this procedure to easily create your own custom Siri audio introduction. Just follow it and you create custom audio introduction in your personal assistant inside your iPhone 4S.

Watch this video, that shows you the procedure:

STEP 1 – Create a custom 1-2 second audio file and name it jbl_begin with a .caf extension. The video features more details.

STEP 2 – SSH into your device. Explore the System/Library/Audio/UISounds/ directory. Rename the jbl_begin.caf file to jbl_begin.caf.old to save it off.

STEP 3 – After that, copy your custom jbl_begin.caf file to the System/Library/Audio/UISounds/ directory. Invoke Siri to test out the change. You should hear your custom sound instead of the standard Siri beep.

In this tutorial, QuickTime and iTunes have been used to create custom jbl_begin.caf file. To create custom jbl_begin.caf file, you can use other options such as GarageBand.

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