CutYourSim – Global iPhone Unlocking service Call Off

According to the latest report, CutYourSim has stopped its admissible iPhone unlocks service after being known that its suppliers were no longer able to perform any more unlocks activities.

CutYourSim is a company that has provided permanent unlocking of any GSM iPhone for a one-time fee of $169.99. Here, customer just have to provide their iPhone’s official IMEI# — a serial number used to identify a handset to a cellular network. Within two weeks, your iPhone will receive confirmation that it has been unlocked and now could be used on any GSM network.

CutYourSim, “Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the rest of the unlocks waiting in our queue due to our suppliers being unable to offer the service anymore,” as told to Cult of Mac.

“Our suppliers have told us that there is a possibility that the service may return, but they do not know when, so we have decided to start processing refunds for any orders that we were not able to complete.”

“To tell you the truth, first our supplier told us there were server issues, then after that they just told us that they will not be offering the service anymore. We are not sure where the service comes from, or whether it’s a contact through AT&T or Apple. We do know that the service is performed in the UK, but that’s about it.”

Do you think Apple is behind this tragedy?

[Via cultofmac]

[Image courtesy techkings]

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