Be Dark Summoner To Summon Monsters And Fight [REVIEW]

Dark Summoner

As a child, I used to play a game called Diablo which was one of my favorites. A warrior would collect weapons and fight against monsters.

Now I feel nostalgic whenever I play this new game called Dark Summoner by Ateam. It is really nice game.

Animation and appearance of monsters is what fascinates me.

In Dark Summoners, while playing, you assume the role of a dark summoners who summons monsters to get help in fighting your enemy and his monsters.

Dark Summoner

The story of this game is set in a world where there is a lot of natural beauty and this world is inhabited by an intelligent humanoid species. Despite intelligence, people of this species were stubborn and about their beliefs and had differences. Differences led to conflicts and wars. They used their intelligence to create a deadly tool of war… the Gates. The gates can be used to summon all living creatures existing in any dimension or any parallel world. Chaos is everywhere as too many monsters have come.

Time is to fight the monsters the way He-Man fights them.

In this game, you choose a name and any of the three guilds among the Guild of Sin, Guild of Rancor and Guild of Tyranny. You summon monster by tapping the button on screen. Monsters have been categorized on the basis of their attacking abilities and defensive techniques. The rare and most dangerous monsters are of A+ category. Monsters are summoned and you fight with them against the monsters of your enemy’s army. Killing all enemies while playing in a guild is your path to victory.

The special effects and animation techniques used in this game are awesome. Makers collaborated with famous artists to deliver twisted and nightmarish monsters with horrifying appearances. Dark Summoner includes professional CG movies to present in-game action.

There are over 350 Types of Deadly Monsters. You can create an army that will scare your enemies. More and more monsters will be added frequently.

Dark Summoner

You can use the life force of weak monsters to make your powerful monsters, more powerful and strong. When you defeat some powerful dark lords, they would join you. This is an online game and needs internet connection.

Dark Summoners includes mild mature and suggestive themes. It also includes mild cartoon/fantasy violence and infrequent realistic violence. Therefore, we recommend user discretion while playing this game.

Dark Summoners is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.2 or later version.

This review has been written after downloading the game from app store and the game has been played on an iPod.

So how was your experience of fighting dark creatures with monsters in this game. Post your comments.

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