Dashboard For Maps Updated With iPad Support

Dashboard For Maps iPad

Jailbreak tweak Dashboard for Maps has been updated with support for the iPad. This tweak was developed by iOS developer Evan Coleman.

With the new update, this tweak brings a speedometer, compass, and altimeter right to the Maps application. It overlays the map nicely. The tweak worked well for the iPhone. Thus, Coleman stated that it only “seemed natural” to bring it to the iPad as well.

It works just as well on the iPad as it did for the iPhone. However, you will need the cellular version of the iPad to use the tweak to its full potential since only the compass will work on the Wi-Fi-only iPad.

Like the iPhone version of the tweak, the iPad version of the tweak comes with a preferences pane in the Settings application. Here you can adjust the individual features of the jailbreak tweak the same way you can adjust them with the iPhone version. The preferences pane is shown below:

Dashboard For Maps iPad

You will be able to enable and disable Dashboard for Maps on demand. This would allow you to show and hide the heads up display from the Maps application. Also, you can choose to show the degrees in the compass and opt to have a simple speedometer that would show you your speed without the more complex car-like speedometer indicator.

You will also have the option to show the whole heads up display or just individual parts of it. You can also choose to use a tripometer that can replace the compass or the altimeter if you find it more useful than the stock setup.

You will also find a slider to adjust the transparency of the heads up display to whatever you like. Thus, it is never in your way of seeing the information on the map.

Depending on your location in the world or how you are using the tweak, you probably would not want to use miles, feet, or miles per hour with the Dashboard for Maps tweak. These are the tweak’s defaults. However Dashboard for Maps also comes with the option to use other units of measurement.

Dashboard for Maps is still only $1 for new customers. It works universally with all devices without the need to purchase a separate copy for each kind of device. Anyone that owns Dashboard for Maps can download the update for free. The latest version is version 1.3. It went live on Cydia, last weekend.

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