DashPad v2: Dashboard for your iPad

DashPad v2

Price: $9.99

With the launch of the iPad 2, DashPad is also being upgraded to match the amazing user interface of the tablet. The DashPad runs in Mobile Safari, exclusively on the iPad OS. DashPad takes a unique approach in organizing a DashBoard on your iPad.

Instead of using an app, (which would never get approved by Apple), or jailbreaking, it uses Safari to serve an iPad specific page that contains nine widgets. That’s why it is a web app.More widgets will be coming, according to DashPad developer

Well if you say iPad is the greatest device of the century then DashPad is also the most popular widget App. We can say that the App is the most popular requested feature after iPad was launched.

DashPad resembles the dashboard interface of the Mac, allowing you to run many widgets at once. You can say the DashPad v2 is a multitasking, fast, elegant and most of all simple to use. To use this app you don’t need to jailbreak your iPad.

Here’s how it works. First you are taken to PayPal to tender your payment which triggers an email containing a username, password and a link to the site. After entering the information DashPad opens the Mobile Safari page where you’ll find Nine widgets.

At present only Nine Widgets are available. Clock, Calendar, Calculator, Unit Converter, Sticky Note, Yellow Pages Search, Google Search, Weather and Translator. Just as you’d expect it, widgets will always be on the bottom regardless of how you hold the iPad.

The app allows only one Sticky Note, which can be as long as you want and is scrollable. More will be coming, but one is what you get now. The Weather widget, which requires your zip code, doesn’t remember it upon re-launch. The Google Search isn’t useful since it does exactly the same thing as the search bar already showing in Safari. Well, It brings up a new page. Of course hitting the usual icon brings up the screen showing your last six Safari pages and you can easily get back to DashPad, but this brings nothing to the table that you already don’t have.

You can add 3 theme on the screen like Welcome theme, Dark theme and light theme. I would prefer dark theme because the Widgets has a strong color. Just like Mac widgets, you tap on one to activate it and tap on it again to dismiss it. The widgets can all be moved around on the screen. A button shows or hides the widget bar. When you leave the app, it remembers the position of your widgets and the contents of the Sticky Note. It also allows you to put an icon on your iPad’s desktop for quick access, which of course you can do with any Safari page.

The one limitation of the DashPad is that you cannot add widgets yourself, since they are a part of the Mobile Safari page, however when a new version is available, you can upgrade it for free but if there is major upgrade, the developers may charge.

The great thing about this app is that it is simple and easy to use. There are nine widgets but there is no crazy menus or confusing layouts. The app is very clear and all the app are set in their own place.

Well, frankly speaking DashPad Price of $9.99 is a bit too high but on the second though the amount of work, the swiftness and the potential of the app, I might give a try.

Even though you are worried at the price of the app but you’re really enamored with your Dashboard then you might think differently.

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