Deck Comes To iPad With ‘Deck HD’

Deck HD

Ever since it has been launched, Deck has always been a popular jailbreak tweak for iPhone and iPod Touch. It was developed by iOS development team SBCoders that brought a myriad of application shortcuts, system toggles, and functional buttons to a ‘behind-the-scenes’ menu that could be accessed from the side of the screen with an Activator action.

Shortly, after its release, it was updated to bring even more cool stuff that continued to grab the attention of users not only due to awesome features, but also for its beautiful interface and simple design.

Last weekend, an iPad-compatible version of the tweak, dubbed Deck HD, was released. Deck HD has brought the eye-candy interface and useful shortcuts. It toggles to the large display that we all know and love. The iPad version has come with all of the same general toggles, the ability to add application shortcuts, and it has those useful system shortcuts just like the iPhone version.

Deck HD opens and closes fluently as it is optimized for the iPad. You can use any Activator action that you like. You are being recommended to choose swipe left on status bar because performing the gesture will closely match the momentum of Deck HD opening up on the side of your screen. The moment it opens, everything will be dimmed out of focus except for the Deck interface. It works from the home screen, within applications, and even on the lock screen.

After you install Deck HD, you can customize all of your shortcuts and buttons from the preferences pane. This would allow you to make the interface as useful as you want it. Deck HD is a very useful jailbreak tweak for iPad owners and it is recommended if you do not already have a good toggle platform on your jailbroken iPad.

If you own Deck already, Deck HD is a separate purchase.

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