Declaratory Judgement Proceedings Against Lodsys’ four patents

A company by the name ForeSee Results Inc. has filed a declaratory judgment suit against Lodsys’ which includes four patents with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, reported by fosspatents.

Lodsys reportedly threatened-declaration of its patents against customers of ForeSee Results. Here, three examples of customers which has received letters from Lodsys like Adidas, Best Buy, and WE Energies as mention by Foresee. ForeSee Results is represented by a top notch law firm (McDermott Will & Emery), the same firm who successfully obtained a patent settlement check for $100 million from Apple for Creative.

FOSS Patents is optimistic that if ForeSee Results is successful in its legal battle, then it could encourage iOS developer to fight the company.

If ForeSee’s declaratory judgment action against Lodsys succeeded before the case against the seven little app developers is decided, it could be helpful, but the court in East Texas is very fast. And even though I repeat myself, the real issue with little app developers is that they can’t really afford to defend themselves, which will in many cases require them to take licenses from patent holders no matter how doubtful the validity of the relevant patents or the infringement allegations may be…

[ Via fosspatents ]

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