DeleteMail: Jailbreak App Allows You to Delete all Your Mail with One Tap

DeleteMail By Andrea Oliva

Price: $0.99
Source: BigBoss
Author: Andrea Oliva
Requirement: iOS 4.0 or higher.

Now you don’t have to take the pain of deleting mail one by one, because a new Cydia tweak called as DeleteMail lets you delete all your email with one tap.

Enabling this will add a ‘Delete All’ or ‘Archive All’ button to your inbox or mail folders in Mail app

Here are the Instructions:
Step 1.
You will need to open the Mail app.

Step 2.
Now tap “Edit” button.

Step 3.
Select “Delete All” button and confirm.

All your e-mail will be deleted.

Users can enable or disable this tweak via Setting app. There are no new icons added to your homescreen.

You can purchase DeleteMail from the Cydia Store for $.99.

Note: You must remember that you must have a Jailbroken device. There is similar Cydia app called as DeleteMail from insanelyi Repo ( Tweaks) which you can get the app for free..

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