Designers on Helvatica Neue Use in iOS 7


It’s a clean font that looks very nice.” It’s “modern, nice, readable, not awkward.

Rani Molla of Gigaom has done an interesting and extensive research on Apple’s Helvatica Neue Use in iOS 7.

It is widely known how Apple changed font weight from iOS 7 Beta 1 to Beta 3. Designers all over the world complained about the weirdly unreadable iOS 7 font. Also interesting to note that Helvetica Neue is much bigger — brands like 3M, BMW, American Apparel, Google use Helvetica Neue in their brand identities & products.

Some designers suggest Apple should have custom designed typeface for iOS & OS X that reflects works well on technology & has a brand voice. I’d disagree. A custom typeface would stand out completely & disconnect the world to Apple’s mobile & computer platform. Platforms need not maintain any brand identity, rather should feel & behave like all other products around us. I don’t want to be reminded about ‘Apple’ as a brand whenever I see a label or button (with text) on my iPhone.

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