Details Of Apple’s Conciliatory Pitch To Samsung Emerge

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New details have come to light regarding the steps that Apple has been taking since 2010 to resolve the tensions that would ultimately lead to the costly and consequential litigation of present.

According to a report published this past Thursday on 22 March 2012, by The Verge, Steve Jobs led the charge for conflict resolution in the summer of 2010. When the Apple representatives talked to Samsung’s lawyers in the first of what would be four meetings. Each attempt spearheaded by Apple to resolve the matter out of court was thwarted. On various online forums, Apple fanboys believe that the matter could not be resolved because Samsung was stubborn.

New details about these meetings have emerged through an Apple court filing unearthed by The Verge. According to the discovery, Apple gave Samsung a presentation that supposedly went into great detail to outline how Samsung was infringing on Apple’s patents.

On or about August 4, 2010, Apple representatives met with Samsung in Korea and showed a presentation titled ‘Samsung’s Use of Apple Patents in Smartphones.’ This presentation emphasized Samsung’s copying of the iPhone and identified two of the patents-in-suit (the ‘002 and ‘381 patents), giving Samsung actual notice of at least these patents, and many more.

On or about August 26, 2010, Apple sent Samsung an electronic archive file containing claim charts further illustrating Samsung’s infringement of Apple patents. A presentation document that accompanied these claim charts identified the ‘002 and ‘381 patents as two patents that Samsung products infringed, and it substantiated these allegations with text from the patents and photographs of Samsung devices illustrating infringing functionality. Apple later presented these slides to Samsung at a meeting in Cupertino, California on or about September 9, 2010.

Unfortunately, the matter wasn’t resolved amicably, but the efforts by Apple to make peace suggest that Samsung hasn’t been bullied by Apple in the courts without first engaging in attempts to solve these differences behind closed doors.

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