Developer Surprise to See his Rejected App (App Store) Now a Feature of iOS 5

It’s very unusual sight to see Apple unveiled new iOS 5 which feature Wi-Fi Sync very similar to jailbreak app called as WI-Fi Sync. The jailbreak app and Apple app looks very much similar in icons and provide the same features. It seems Greg Hughes has submitted the Cydia tweak a year ago to App Store but ultimately got rejected saying he violated the terms of the iPhone SDK. Then his app went to Cydia Store and sold 50,00 copies at the price 0f $9.99.

According to ModMyi site:

“Apple does get inspiration from the jailbreak community and releases new features very similar to those first found in the Cydia online store. UK jailbreak developer Greg Hughes has now had a first hand experience with this phenomenon. When Apple unveiled iOS 5 earlier this week at the WWDC, he was quite surprise to find Wi-Fi Sync included as a new feature.”

“Greg Hughes submitted an app called Wi-Fi Sync to the app store about a year ago. “I’d been selling my app with that name and icon for at least a year. Apple knew that, as I’d submitted it to them, so it was surprising to see that.”

It was quickly rejected because of Apple’s claim that it violated the terms of the iPhone SDK. Apple representative did call him personally, however, to inform him of their decision.

The whole event is a turn around for Greg Hughes, first his app was rejected by Apple a year ago and after one year he can see his app introduced at WWDC 2011. Now Greg Hughes will be wondering whether to thank Apple for the publicity of his app at Worldwide Developers Conference or to slam Apple for taking a year to understand the potential of his app.

[ Via Modmyi ]

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