Developers explains Apple turning out Apple TV a successful gaming platform

Apple TV has no secret which has not exactly turned into the gaming platform where Apple hoped it might be. Last month, Minecraft developers announce ending support for Apple TV, with developers expressing concern for future of Apple TV gaming.

Now, ArsTechnica with a handful of game developers expresses mixed feelings about Apple TV’s use for gaming.

Ryan Cash, one of the lead developer, Team Alto, explains there is no “shock” which might have Minecraft’s demise on Apple TV – optimizes the platform’s future. The appeal of Apple TV, explains a good way introduction where a certain segment gaming is for the first time:

Earlier this year, Alto’s Odyssey from Team Alto releases iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Thus upon speaking to Ars, Cash touted launched “success”, with any detailed figures.

Another developer, Strange Flavour CEO, Aaron Fothergill, an entire possibility of Minecraft’s demise on Apple TV is for political reasons. This owns the game by Microsoft.  He explains “It is not Minecraft needs a lot of support with the server, even with the update of Apple TV version. So, it might be, a political definitely with a cross of my mind,” as explained.

Fothergill also notes Apple TV as “easy to write for” where company ported games to the platform, which did not make “millions or even hundreds of thousands,” but find is it was enough to cover the cost of the port.

Hence, Patrick Hogan once told Ars with three things Apple do to revitalize Apple TV gaming: Includes Apple-branded and “full-featured” as to market a gaming platform, and “spends a lot of money funding platform. This is with the exclusives, ports, and presence where gaming expo and conference breaks the chicken-egg problem and getting customers making it viable to devs.”

This year, I wrote Apple TV, let down after let down. ArsTechnica’s piece, made it clear with developers which hold out hope, having the fate Apple TV certainly still ends up depending on Apple’s willingness advances feature set.