Did Steve Jobs underestimated the iPad App advantage?

Now is the time for Google to thank Steve Jobs for the positive PR as Steve attributed their Android market with way more apps than it really has.

We all know that the biggest advantages Apple has over its rivals is the apps. The iTunes store has an app for everything—and if it doesn’t now, it will by next week. Ever since the iPad 1 launched nearly a year ago, developers have been adding apps especially for the iPad, with more coming every day but Google’s Android will have merely 50 Apps listed for tablets.

Here, Apple chief got a laugh out of the audience by pointing to a graphic of the Android honeybee with a sign saying 100, and saying: “That compares to our competitors, who are trying to launch these days with at most 100 apps. And I think we’re being a little generous here. This is a huge advantage we have.”


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