Director Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Get Siri

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is the man who wrote the stories and directed the movies of Batman reboot series that started in 2005 with Batman Begins. Nolan is at the top of his game and is considered the most bankable director in Hollywood.

This might surprise you that Nolan does not own a cell phone or even use email. In a recent interview, Nolan asked about Apple’s Siri, genuinely asking the question,”What’s the purpose of that?”

While talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Nolan explained why he has never owned a cell phone or used email. He thinks that face-to-face communication is more efficient and effective. Nolan noted that that he is always around someone else who has a phone if he really needs it. From a very basic point of view, he does have a point:

“The idea that you’re holding in your hand a device that will actually let you speak to another human being and instead of using it for that, you type some silly little message and send a one-way communication — it’s a very odd step backwards in communication terms.,” he said.

Don’t even try explaining Siri or that you can speak into an iPhone and have the words translated to text.

“Really?” he said, looking bewildered. “What’s the purpose of that?”

This is ironic that Nolan’s movies feature all kinds of crazy, futuristic technologies and Nolan himself does not today’s most common devices—a smartphone, which is seen as a necessity by many people, especially those who are self-employed and doing their own business.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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