Discovr Movies App Now On iOS

Discovr Movies is a new app to hit the Apple App Store. Coming from developers Jambox, it has been brought to life by Filter Squad. This app aids in the difficult search through the masses for a film that you have taste and interest for.

The set up of the app can create an interactive map of the films available worldwide. Through this map and a set of options, you can easily navigate your way to a film and choose to watch it on the basis of your mood, likes and dislikes.

Through this app, you can also find out the current and past trend regarding films that were favorite. In simple words, you can see what films are trending. Once you have found a film that you fancy, you can read reviews and synopsis from websites like Rotten Tomatoes or watch clips.

The app is available now on iPhone, iPad, and Mac OSX. You can download it from here.

Source: Recombu

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