Disney Asks Steve Jobs for Help

01pixar.xlarge1The New York Times reports that the Walt Disney Company has asked Apple CEO Steve Jobs, for help making the Disney retail stores a high-tech Imagination Park.

The Walt Disney Company wants to make it an experience to visit a retail store, like it is to visit an Apple retail store today and that’s one of the reasons they have asked Steve Jobs for help. Another reason is that Steve Jobs is already a member of Disney’s Board of Directors, besides he is the largest individual Disney shareholder.

The new retail store concept from Disney will include theaters which allows children to watch film clips of their own selection, karaoke contests and live chat with Disney Channel stars via satellite. Also hidden features will be included, such as if you walk by a “magic mirror” while holding a Princess tiara, Cinderella might appear and say something to you.

Steve Jobs has just been named the “most influential individual in the global technology industry” for the second time, according to silicon.com, and now he’s also up against Donald Duck and Goofy in the competition of becoming the “most influential individual in the children’s world”. Good luck Steve.

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