Do you have iFurnitures for your iDevice?

Are you are living in an iHouse? Well, if yes then without any doubt we can assume that you got a Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. What about an Apple inspired coffee table?

Here are some of the fruition of iPod and iPhone iFurniture. Let’s look at these.
In the upper left you find an iPhone 4 Coffee Table, described as custom-made with glass and possibly metal “antenna” side

The picture in the upper right showcase an iPhone 3G coffee table, created by Tuan Nguyen, is made of corrugated cardboard and white glue. Uses iPhone app coasters
Now on the lower left you find an iPod 4G Coffee Table created with 30 hours of labor by Ashley Burrows using MDF, pine, & perspex. iPod ear buds as feet.

Last picture, on the extreme lower right you can find an iPod Mini Coffee Table made by Italian industrial designer Mirko Ginepro from corian, glass, and steel

What will make it better? It’ll be awesome if these coffee tables add multi-touch controls for Mac and Apple TV. The Apple products have a lot of creativity and so do the iDevice users.

[Via- cultofmac]

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