Do You Know How Many Times Angry Birds has been Downloaded?

Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka announced that Angry Birds has been downloaded over 200 million times across all platforms. Angry Birds has been recognized as the top paid for game in Apple’s App Store in a record 67 territories worldwide.

According to Business Insider, Vesterbacka made the announcement at the paidContent Mobile conferenc

On top of the app’s success, Vesterbacka says an Angry Birds book will launch this summer with distribution through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Google. Plus, the company is working with animators for its own Angry Birds movie.

You can find three separate Angry Birds games: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season, and Angry Birds Rio. The World record breaking apps runs on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Google Chrome.

Not long ago, Rovio has launched its first Angry Birds web edition on the Chrome Web Store.

[ Via businessinsider ]

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