Doctor with the iPad! Why?

Why iPad all around again? I stated this statement because I can see people especially every professionals carrying an iPad to their work place. The younger generation though uses much of it. I just wanted to say that Apple’s products are becoming a style statement in the present world.

But what’s the use of an iPad for a doctor? Let’s find out.

I got to know that iPad is appreciated for the fact that it boots up faster than a laptop. Moreover,

“The iPad offers a ‘low profile’ that doesn’t seem intimidating to patients during exams,

said Dr. Jon Wahrenberger, cardiologist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon.

“But the bigger value comes from the fact that he’s able to use his iPad to interact with patients’ electronic health records — functionality made possible by an app from Epic called Haiku”

he said further.

So Apple’s iPad is not only for show but has its utility in the life saving institutes.

With this a time will come when patients will be seen carrying iPad to the hospitals.


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