Does Apple have a Solar Powered iPhone or iPad on the Cards?

Are we likely to see an iPhone or iPad run on solar power in the future?Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.44.04 AM

This might not be far-stretched at all in light of a recent patent application made by Apple pertaining to an an integrated touch sensor and solar assembly.

“Integrated touch sensor and solar panel configurations that may be used on portable devices, particularly handheld portable devices such as a media player or phone are disclosed. The integrated touch sensor array and solar cell stack-ups may include electrodes that are used both for collecting solar energy and for sensing on a touch sensor array.” according to excerpts from the abstract of the patent application.

So will we see this technology implemented in Apple’s devices? Not necessarily, as just because Apple has patented the technology, doesn’t mean Apple will use it in mass production. Solar tech has historically not been profitable due to high production costs.

So, Although it cannot be ruled out, it seems unlikely that we would see solar powered iOS devices anytime soon.

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