Enjoy Doodle Sprint By Running And Jumping [REVIEW]

Doodle Sprint

There are many games where you have to run and jump to score points and win the game.

Doodle Sprint

As a child, I used to play a video game of Mario in which Mario had to jump and catch various coins and other stuff to score points and gain super-powers.

Now here is a game called Doodle Sprint where you have to run and jump between deep and wide valleys.

The more you jump and the more run, the more points you score. The main objective for you while playing this game is to run, jump and roll to your way to the highest score. The points you score appear at the top of screen.

There are no advertisements in this free doodle game but there is a support developer in-app for $0.99 as an in app purchase.

Doodle Sprint

Doodle Sprint! is an entertaining game and excitement for you increases as you score more points. You would be surprised to know that this game has been developed by a student during his summer break.

This game has great sound effects and animation is marvelous.

Doodle Sprint

Let us have a look at the features of this game:

1. Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements can be seen.

2. You can integrate your Twitter and Facebook account with this game.

3. As mentioned earlier, this game as awesome sound effects with High-Definition (HD) graphics.

New features in the new version 1.3:

1. Many bugs have been fixed.

2. Doodle Sprint can now display high score when not connected to game center.

Doodle Sprint is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later version.

So after playing this game, did you find it addictive? Post your feedback below.

Click here to download Doodle Sprint.

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