Downgrading iOS 6 Beta To iOS 5.1.1 [TUTORIAL]

iOS Downgrade

Do you want to downgrade your iOS 6 beta install back to iOS 5.1.1? If you have ever dealt with downgrading firmware in the past, then you know how difficult, time-consuming and painful, this process can potentially be.

Fortunately when it comes to downgrading beta firmware back to public firmware, it is extremely easy.

That is because Apple is still actively signing iOS 5.1.1 due to the fact that it is the latest public firmware available. iOS 6 is yet to be released to public.

Hence, you can easily downgrade without any tricks, host file changes, SHSH blobs, TinyUmbrella, etc. All you need to do is hook up your iPhone, go into device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode, open iTunes and downgrade.

Following is the video that explains the simple process you need to follow but you are doing this at your own risk because The Apple Bites will not be responsible if you fail receive expected results. This is a tried and tested method and thus, it should work for you:

Some people who have successfully downgraded say that going to DFU mode is not necessary.

You should just simply hook up your device to iTunes, and click restore to go back to iOS 5.1.1.

Follow the video tutorial shared on this page, and you will be back on iOS 5.1.1 in no time.

What was your experience regarding downgrading? Did you find this procedure helpful? Post your comments.

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