Dream Team To Jailbreak iPhone 4S And iPad 2

A5 Chip

We have been covering the efforts of famous hacker pod2g to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for some time.

iPhone hacker pod2g has posted a new update for his community, telling them that a jailbreak “dream team” has been assembled to help tackle a sandboxing issue in the Apple A5 chip (system-on-a-chip), a vital part of the exploitation process necessary for an iPhone 4S and iPad 2 jailbreak.

pod2g said:

@planetbeing, the legendary hacker behind iPhone Linux and lot of jailbreaks has joined the A5 research!

The famous @MuscleNerd, the leader of the iPhone Dev Team, who did a lot of tests for Corona and whom integrated it and made it simple in redsn0w is willing to help also.

And last, but not least @p0sixninja, the leader of the Chronic Dev Team, and my partner for years on iPhone security research has started to code and fuzz the Apple sandbox.

We now have a dream team to find a path for a public release of the A5 jailbreak.

Cross your fingers.

Those who are into jailbreaking community would instantly recognize these names. With the best hackers teaming up and working on a jailbreak, perhaps we are going receive a big breaking news in near future.

What do you expect from this “dream team” of jailbreaking? Share your expectations down below.

Source: iMore

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